Skeleton Factory

We lose, and the bones of us all eat into our bodies sharply. Cannibalized into malaise, stiffness, conformity, and death, we become mindless, and eat flesh. Towards your own end, as the bodies of children fall mangled from our ribs.

Open your mouth and scream, a creak of stiff hinges, no matter to move to make to say.

I feel the darkness fall in clouds, unable to escape what man made. Like a nest it calls it calls and people die.

Factories of the soul, filled with tar, and fat. All it can process is waste, all it can make is unhappiness.

By whom, by all, and for whom, and for all, for if you seek the fire, you will find that you are only good for burning. So put your fingers down your throat.

Vomit yourself to death, because you will never have what was sewn into you. It is not a flower, but a weed made to strangle you.

Your guilt does not make you Holy, One wishes to be light and free, like the flame.

To float away in the infinity with the pureness of self, no negative additives to be sieved out, as the fire by its nature burnt them away.

The purity of my true self will burn it all away.