Tarsus's Prophecy

I had happened to find my end, until the three. Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength came to me, in the manifest forms of lively femininity. Preternatural forms came to me at the last hour.

It began thusly

The farm unlike any farm before it, growing people.

The twin chains shackle all of man. The first was the chain of the mind.

Chain two, wrapped around the body of humanity.

You are made to view the death of your brothers and sisters. They and I too, are made to lie down before the great metal beast it serves.

The chains tug and everyone cheers at this hatred, I watched them all lay down before the machine. I without my own lay at the end of the row.

Only was I slow enough to catch the first glimpse as the machine began to flatten the lamb into paste, it is not cannibalism for the thing that destroys can not clearly be seen as human.

My spirit, the only power left to me, cries out.

I see only then the three hands touch mine. I look up to see the fairest of fair visions of the three, they lift my hand to rise, guiding my hand true, my only example.