The Dragon Man

                 My world and I were born at night. Big melancholy eyes poured the ice blue ocean basins. I watched her watch the inside of her hands, and fill the seas. I could see her then. She would have seen me too, if I could have been brave and young.

                I see her now in the dragon’s dens. Serpentine fire scars her, warms her. Then I burn myself with jealousy. I gaze at the mountain lair through the stone slats of my fortress, and fire and fire I burn with fire. Burn.

                 She needs the dragon, for its warmth, but the warm draconic blood trickles in me I know. With my draconic eyes.

                 The lizards and snakes shriek at the base of the mountains. Trying to steal her when the dragon slumbers, whispering with their silver tongued promises to cure her wounds. Cold reptile brains. They think themselves dragons, but can only spit venom. Only poison, consuming greed.

                 I am coming Gaia, I am coming. Coming to set you free, I love you, coming to burn you gently. To whisper my smoky breath over your breasts, to tongue a flame in your chest, and blow it into a wildfire. That must rage and rage out from me, to you, to you, to me. To burn in rage, burn light, burn death, burn happiness. Burn, to ash.

                 We could be together, Gaia, hot intense streams. Blasting each other and burning and clawing and burning and biting. Tearing hot and melting. Together.

                 Just wait darling, just wait. I am strapping on and on, sharpening fangs and blades on and on. I can feel it hot as I near you. My skins combusts as I claw and climb towards you. Destroying the imposter nature that separates us near you.

                 The devils see my form and tremble and shift and die. Snakes turn to flame and die. Unable to imitate the dragon truly and I at all. The chains that bind us. The hot burning chains that makes us all kin. They cannot make a façade of fire. Of our burning passions and loves and hates.

                 Fire must betray now. The roars of challenge roar me to challenge, and we all breathe our deaths onto each other. All eyes pierce each other. None feeling fear, just burning absolute. Ready to do what it takes, ready to go over the edge, ready to give everything. No fear. No hesitation. Just force and will and kill and death. One of us has to die. All are ready.